code. art. new york.



I code. And illustrate. And virtualize reality sometimes.

Building visual experiences and voice-based interactions has been the focus of my graduate study. I create interactive experiences, sometimes using code, sometimes using speech, sometimes using 3D software and sometimes using good old illustrations.

My interest resides in using code and art as a means to solve problems. Software in itself is generally construed as a technical medium, and art is construed as a creative medium. What drives me is to find creative applications of software and technical applications of the arts.

Presently, I'm a master's student at NYU ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program).
Soon, I'll evolve into a person with a master's degree from NYU ITP.
Prior to this, I was a software developer for
Historically, prior to the Amazon years, I studied computer science.

I live in New York City. Send me jobs, messages and love!