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Fangirl is an non-commercial online newsletter
aimed at curating and promoting independent music being made
in a Bollywood-dominated India.



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To create a unique branding image ( text + graphic ) for an independent newsletter aimed at publicizing indie Indian music.

ROLE : Graphic design, Content creation

TOOLS : Photoshop, Javascript, MailChimp

TEAM : Meet Bhatt, Palashi Vaghela, Utsav Chadha



Fangirl was conceived during the summer of 2016 as a

In India, independent musicians face great challenges in releasing their music and reaching wide audiences. tries to highlight, acknowledge and promote the independent music that is being created/performed in India.



My primary responsibility was to work on the graphic designs and brand identity for the website.

Besides that, I also contributed towards content creation and overseeing edition launches.



Steadily, indie music has been gaining some momentum in India. The newsletter was covered by the press not too long ago ( link ).

Meet, one of the founding members of the newsletter, has initiated an event organization side project called Fangirl Live.

In January 2017, Fangirl Live conducted it's first set of live indie concerts across five cities in Gujarat, India.