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speech recognition | physical computing | web


To take the user away from their mobile phones,
and to make conversations easier in social settings.





Create an interactive installation that combines web development and physical computing.

ROLE : Creator, Developer, Fabrication

TOOLS : Arduino, Javascript, p5.js, Google Speech Recognition

SHOWCASE : ITP Winter Show 2016



With the increasing affinity and accessibility to mobile phones, it’s oftentimes noticed that people tend to resort to their handheld devices in social situations such as family dinners, restaurants and bars. The interaction with the cellular device gains prioritization over actual conversations with the people present in that space.

Talktable is a device that attempts to separate the individual from the mobile phone and encourage them to engage in meaningful conversations.



TalkTable is a surface with designated sockets at each edge, that can hold a mobile phone.

When phones are inserted in each socket, a screen activates with content that the participants can talk about.

If any one of the phones is withdrawn from the device, the visual interaction is interrupted and the participants have to start over.

Topic carousel visualization on the table.

Topic carousel visualization on the table.


The prototyping stage involved brainstorming about the idea with professors and fellow classmates, representing the idea through a concept video, constructing a working model and running user tests on the prototype. 

Once feedback was gathered and the idea was well-defined, the execution stage began. It involved formally fabricating the device, incorporating suggested changes to the interface and accommodating user needs into the code.






Places that can utilize this form of interaction - Restaurants, bars, phone charging stations, orientations, waiting rooms and conferences.